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Account-Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a podcast designed as a collection of conversations with sales and marketing leaders, sharing thoughts and practical tips to growing your valuable customers.

This podcast is brought to you by MomentumABM, the account-based marketing consultancy, redefining how sales and marketing teams grow their biggest customers. You can learn more about MomentumABM at



Sep 18, 2023

To celebrate the launch of Alisha Lyndon's book, The ABM Effect, she's joined by contributor and best-selling author Don Peppers. Hear from Don on his thinking around treating customers as a market of one and his B2B marketing philosophy that set the stage for the ABM revolution.

Aug 7, 2023

Successful ABM comes when client-centricity takes center stage. In our latest ABM podcast, Arlyn Knox, Chief Marketing Officer at Redwood Logistics, talks about the power of putting customers at the forefront and how nurturing deep relationships can turn prospects into partners.

Jul 18, 2023

In this podcast Hillary Carpio, Senior Director of ABM at Snowflake, discusses how combining agile methodologies with scalable ABM practices helps to successfully navigate the challenges of the enterprise market, creating meaningful connections and driving revenue growth.

May 19, 2023

“ABM requires a strong sales and marketing interlock,” says Ching May Low. In this podcast, Alisha is joined by The Director of International Accounts for Dell Technologies, who explains how her wide-ranging experience has helped her align sales and marketing to create impactful—and even scalable—ABM programs....

May 3, 2023

Juliet Randall joined Salesforce as Vice President of Global Account-Based Marketing Strategy in 2021, and the company has already seen a 125% increase in program impact. Here, she shares her advice for new leaders stepping into an ABM role, from assembling a team to establishing a Centre of Excellence, and reveals why...