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Account-Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a podcast designed as a collection of conversations with sales and marketing leaders, sharing thoughts and practical tips to growing your valuable customers.

This podcast is brought to you by MomentumABM, the account-based marketing consultancy, redefining how sales and marketing teams grow their biggest customers. You can learn more about MomentumABM at



Mar 2, 2023

With the number of partners set to explode by 10x in the next five years, partner experience is a huge growth opportunity for CMOs. How can leaders innovate their partner marketing and maximize business impact? In this podcast, Keith Pranghofer, Director of Marketing, ISV Partnerships at Microsoft, discusses the role...

Feb 13, 2023

With an ever-increasing appetite for ABM, 2023 is looking to be a crucial year for its development. How can you take full advantage and embed the most effective strategy? In this podcast, Rob Leavitt, Senior Vice President of Advisory, and Chief Customer Officer, Will Nicholls, share key insights from our...

Jan 23, 2023

"Not everyone bought into it at the beginning—but now they've seen the results a diverse team has derived, they're paying attention." Jackie McKinley knows how to build and empower effective sales teams. In this episode, NetApp's Vice President for US Enterprise Sales shares her career highlights, what she looks for...