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Account-Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a podcast designed as a collection of conversations with sales and marketing leaders, sharing thoughts and practical tips to growing your valuable customers.

This podcast is brought to you by MomentumABM, the account-based marketing consultancy, redefining how sales and marketing teams grow their biggest customers. You can learn more about MomentumABM at



Feb 7, 2024

Balancing the legacy of a 240-year-old brand with the demands of innovation is a delicate art. In this podcast, Janis Fratamico explains why forward thinking will make customers ambassadors for your brand.

Dec 5, 2023

ABM programs can mistakenly be positioned as demand generation initiatives, with serious consequences on performance. In our latest episode, Alisha Lyndon and Rachel Fairley, Chief Brand Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, unpack the role brand plays and the intersection of brand/demand/ABM for your...

Nov 8, 2023

Kyndryl is a business that was founded and structured around implementing ABM right from the start. In our latest ABM podcast, Andrew Fitzgerald, Vice President of Global Account-Based Marketing explains “The Kyndryl Way” and why it was so important to design a marketing function with strategic clients at its core.

Oct 19, 2023

In the world of ABM and alliances, there’s a clear mantra: one team, one strategy, one goal. In our latest ABM podcast, Pooja Golechha, Senior Manager Partner Marketing and Account-Based Marketing at Pega, explains why uniting from day one creates a robust foundation for success.

Sep 18, 2023

To celebrate the launch of Alisha Lyndon's book, The ABM Effect, she's joined by contributor and best-selling author Don Peppers. Hear from Don on his thinking around treating customers as a market of one and his B2B marketing philosophy that set the stage for the ABM revolution.